Name                         Time               Address                             Additional Address Info        Additional Meeting Info           Open/Closed            Meeting


Higher Power Group          7:15am                Temple Adath Israel 124 N.                                                                                                                              O. D.                                NS

                                                                       Ashland Ave


Barroom Group                  7:30am                Immanuel Baptist Church          Recreation Building                          Room 11-College Room                       O.D.                                HA, NS

                                                                      3100 Tates Creek Rd.


True Tolerance                   9:00am                Christ the King Church              Side Entrance-Beside Garage                                                                       C.D.

                                                                       Providence Rd.


Brunch Bunch Group         10:30am              Alano Club 370 E. 2nd St.                                                                                                                                O.D.                                HA, NS


Begin Again Meeting         11:30am               Christ Church 166 Market St.    Corner of Market and Church St.     Driveway-Side Door-Ring Buzzer         O.D.                                HA, NS


Never too Late Meeting     12:00pm              Women's Hope Center               Dining Room                                    Women Only                                        O.D.                                 HA, NS

                                                                       1524 Versailles Rd.


The Lunch Bunch              12:00pm              Alano Club 370 E. 2nd St.                                                                                                                                O.D.                                 HA, NS


Happy Hour Group             6:00pm              Gratz Park Basement                                                                                                                                       O.D.

                                                                      3rd and Market St.


Destined for Destiny          6:00pm              House of Prayer                                                                                                                                               O.D.

                                                                      1412 N. Broadway, Suite 106


Northside Group                 6:15pm               Wesley United Methodist Church                                                                                                                                      O.D.

                                                                              1825 Russell Cave Rd.


Right on Track                    6:30pm                Keeneland Track Kitchen                                                                                                                                O.D.

                                                                       Versailles Rd.


Off Clays Mill Mens Mtg     6:30pm                St. John's Lutheran Church       Basement                                         Men Only                                              O.D.

(Until further notice                                       516 Pasadena Dr.

Meeting will be held at

Immanuel Baptist Church

on Tates Creek Dr.)


Inspiration for Women        7:00pm               Immanuel Baptist Church           Room 11-College Room

                                                                       3100 Tates Creek Rd.


Beginners Meeting             7:00pm                Token Club 1037 Goodwin Dr.                                                                                                                         O. D.                                HA


Grupo Hispano                   7:00pm               Spanish Club House                  Corner of Maple and 7th St.             Spanish Speaking                                O. D.

                                                                      702 Maple St.


Winner's Circle Group        7:30pm               Maxwell St. Presbyterian Church    Basement                                         Last Mon of Month is Open Meeting    C. D.

                                                                      180 E. Maxwell St.


Way We Were Group         7:30pm                Christ the King Church              Side Entrance-Beside Garage         Men Only                                              C. D.

                                                                       Providence Rd.


Precisely how we               8:00pm                Hope Springs Church                                                                         Big Book Study                                     O. D.

Recovered Group                                          1109 Versailles Rd.


Monday Night Miracles      8:00pm                Alano Club 370 E. 2nd St.                                                                                                                                O. D.


Serenity Group                  8:00pm               Token Club 1037 Goodwin Dr.                                                                                                                          O. D


Safe Haven Group (LGBT) 8:00pm                Central Christian Church            Cafeteria                                                                                                       O. D.

                                                                      205 E. Short St.


Laid Back Group                8:00pm                St. Paul Catholic Church            Ave Maria Bldg at rear of Park lot behind Church                                        O. D.                                 HA

                                                                       501 W. Short St.


Man O War Live Group      8:00pm               Ridge Hospital                           Corner of Man O War and Rio Dosa                                                             O. D.

                                                                       3050 Rio Dosa Dr.


Fresh Air Group                 8:00pm                Gratz Park Bldg Basement                                                                                                                              O. D.

                                                                       3rd and Market St.