Name                    Time           Address                      Additional Address Info   Additional Meeting Info       Open/Closed        Meeting


Still Crazy after all these     8:00am               Gratz Park 3rd and Market St.                                                            Twelve Steps                                        C. D.                                D



Monthly Lexington              9:00am               Ridge Hospital                            Corner of Man O War and Rio         1st Sunday of the month                       C. S.

Breakfast                                                       3050 Rio Dosa Dr.                      Dosa Dr.


2401 Group                        11:00am              K Club 1398 Sports                    Park at Stadium                                                                                            C. D.                                HA, NS

                                                                      Center Drive


Down Under Group            11:00am              Alano Club 370 E. 2nd St.                                                                                                                                C. D.


Fresh Air Group                  11:00am             Gratz Park Basement                                                                                                                                       C. D.

                                                                       3rd and Market St


Never too Late Meeting      12:00pm             Women's Hope Center               Dining Room                                    Women Only                                         C. D.                                HA, NS

                                                                       1524 Versailles Rd.


Solo Por Hoy                      12:00pm             Token Club 1037 Goodwin Dr.                                                            Spanish Speaking                                                                         HA, NS


Fresh Air Group                  2:00pm               Gratz Park Basement                                                                                                                                       O. D.                                NS

                                                                       3rd and Market St.


Sunday Men's big book      6:00pm               Shepherd's House                                                                               Men Only                                              C. D.

                                                                      154 Bonnie Brae


Sober Chicks                      6:00pm               Alano Club 370 E. 2nd St.                                                                   Women Only                                         C. D.


Young People in Recovery     6:00pm               Token Club 1037 Goodwin Dr.                                                                                                                          C. D.                                HA, NS


Just for Today Group          6:30pm               Black and Williamson Center     Corner of Georgetown and Booker                                                                C. D.                                HA, NS


Grupo Hispano                   7:00pm               Spanish Club House                  Corner of Maple and 7th St.             Spanish Speaking                                 C. D.

                                                                      702 Maple St.


21 Group                             8:00pm              Quest Community Church                                                                   Speaker Meeting                                   C. S.                                S, HA, NS

                                                                      410 Sporting Ct.


Fresh Air Group                  8:00pm               Gratz Park Basement                                                                          Meets daily at 8:00pm                          C. D.

                                                                       3rd and Market St.


The Promises Group          8:00pm               Word of Hope Lutheran Church  Corner of Armstrong Mill and          Fellowship Hall                                      C. D.                                HA, NS

                                                                      1870 Armstrong Mill                    Man O War